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Frequently asked questions

Seniors and Their Household Members/Caregivers

1. How can I trust someone I don’t know handling my financial affairs?

Carole Evenchik comes highly referred and is insured. She has been involved in highly sensitive financial matters for over 30 years. Integrity is the cornerstone of her business philosophy and an integral part of her value system.

2. How do I know that EvenChecks & Balances will work well with my family member?

Carole Evenchik has worked with many elder clients and their family members. During her 30 plus years of professional training and experience, her work included 1 to 1 interactions with diverse peoples, while volunteering in puppy therapy and interactive singing programs with seniors and those in over age 55 housing communities. She is a keen listener, a problem-solver, and a clear communicator, ensuring that all parties have a common understanding of expectations as well as end results. Her process includes 1-2 sessions without obligation so all parties can assess whether this is a “good fit” at this time.

Busy Professionals

1. I need to count on someone to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ – how do I know that Carole can do this to my expectation?

Carole Evenchik’s years in the insurance and investment industries demanded the utmost attention to detail. In fact, she was often in charge of supervising and overseeing such details in others. She is that kind of detail-oriented person.

2. Do I need to spend much time with Carole?

Initially, you may spend 1-2 sessions for 2-3 hours without obligation so all parties can assess whether this is a “good fit” at this time. If it is a good fit, then this time is also spent establishing how you want to work with Carole. Then based on your need for either a time-limited project or an on-going service relationship, the “time factor” is tailored per client in order to respect your time and ensure Carole is able to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Non-Traditional Couples or Households

1. Who are non-traditional couples and households?
Those who are unmarried living together such as two seniors living together to benefit from communal living and lower overall expenses; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people who are in a committed relationship and/or living together, as in the previous seniors example; and, a woman and man who have chosen not to legally marry.

2. Why is Carole Evenchik a good fit for me and my financial concerns?

Carole’s personal experience with her life partner of seven years gives her a tangible real-life understanding of the financial planning, risk management, and estate structuring required to work within, and around, today’s political and regulatory realities. This, combined with her professional years in established financial and investment fields, gives her the insight to manage personal daily money management and financial affairs in a creative and effective manner.

3. How can Carole help ensure that my/our wishes as a household are upheld?

Carole will work with you to assess your current situation and suggest legal and/or other resources that can address the myriad of issues. For example, if you are single with or without children or pets, without a will, specified Guardian selection, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Declaration, etc., you have abdicated your wishes to the State of Minnesota. Carole brings issues and suggestions to your awareness and helps you with a plan. Please note that Carole is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice of any kind. She is happy to provide you with references to local legal professionals who can assist you.

If you are considering these daily money services then call Carole to talk and explore the options. No pressure; just valuable information.

Carole Evenchik, ChFC®
Fiduciary & Chartered Financial Consultant
EvenChecks & Balances LLC

EvenChecks & Balances
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