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T.G. & T.S.
Adult daughters & caregivers to our mother

My sister and I have been using the services of Carole Evenchik since 2011 and it has made a huge difference in not only our mother’s life, but our own lives. Not only does Carole handle our mother’s financial matters she also visits with her and draws out concerns that we need to be aware of and that we probably would have overlooked.  She acts as a mediator sometimes between my mother and I and my sister, explaining things to all sides that we might have not picked up on or thought about.  She is a great advocate on behalf of our mother, and we know my mom feels very safe talking to Carole about issues that arise in her life.

Prior to hiring Carole we were always on edge with mom and about her money situation.  I live in a different state and have had a very hard time understanding her money situation over the years.  Being so far away and not being able to help has been very difficult and frustrating. There was no hope of getting it organized from so many miles away.

Meanwhile my sister, who lives in the same area as our mother, had forged a relationship with her that was always based around the complications of mom’s finances.  Both of our relationships had deteriorated over the years resulting in “out of control feelings” with mom’s financial situation.

Upon hiring Carole, we quickly became able to address more of mom’s emotional, social, and health concerns as she ages, rather than always focusing on her perilous financial situation.

We recently made the big step of moving our mother into a senior apartment.  At the same time it was medically necessary to take away our mother’s driving ability.  With Carole’s help, these major transitions went much more smoothly than they would have without her on our team.  She was there for us when we had questions, needed advice, or just needed someone to listen to our concerns or frustrations.  Carole has a great ability to validate concerns from both sides, and come up with a solution or suggestion that addressed all of our needs.  She excels at explaining complicated issues and topics to not only my sister and I, but also our mother.

Carole gives us the peace of mind to know that mom continues to be financially safe and that any issues would be caught before they become a big problem. She has allowed us to have a much better and healthier relationship with our mother! We are so blessed to have Carole in our lives!


Lisa R. Fiegel, Branch Manager
Home Federal Private Banking

I'd like to share the experience I have had in working with Carole S. Evenchik at EvenChecks & Balances.  Carole and I met when a mutual banking customer of mine decided to hire Carole.  A banking customer that I had on many occasions was thinking about ending the banking relationship.  Many, many days our bank dealth with NSF's, story's about deposits, misuse of debit cards, etc.  They hired Carole because they realized they needed a lot of help with financially balancing their lives, having a budget, and needing to stop abusing their bank account with Home Federal Savings Bank.  They knew if they kept up the bad habits they would not hav a bank to continue to work with.

Let me say ... Carole has been the life line financially for these mutual customers.  These customers have gone literally from having NO idea, No money, and NO budget to very responsible banking customers.  Carole truly cares about these people!  Carole has educated them, fed them financial knowledge and spent many hours recognizing their needs!

These customers have benefitted so much with working with EvenChecks & Balances it's unbelievable ... and it has worked very well!  In fact, it's sounds unreal but these banking customers even look healthier.

My recommendation to anyone who cannot balance their life financially is to surrender and use EvenChecks & Balances services.  Carole is very good, honest, and has the knowledge of what it takes these days to get back financially on your feet!  Thank you for helping my banking customers.


 J. & M. VC
Young couple with children

Our Highest Recommendation

Amazing, is just the beginning of what Carole can do for your financial needs. We are a young couple trying to figure out where all of our money had been going every month. Carole came in and reviewed our statements over the past 3 months and devised a plan that showed us where we were spending money, how much and where we could cut back and save.

We can not tell you what a blessing Carole has been for our family. Since having Carole show us our spending patterns we have been able to reallocate dollars into different areas freeing up more money to be used for investments, our children’s education and allowing us to pay off our home in a fraction of the time.

We highly recommend Carole with EvenChecks & Balances to any one that wants financial peace of mind for now and the future.

Thank you Carole!


We all have special talents ... things we love to do that just come naturally.  Finances, money, math ... these are not my talents.

As a single mother of 3, still reeling from divorce, I felt like someone caught sinking in quicksand, and I needed someone to throw me a rope.

Carole Evenchik with EvenChecks & Balances has done just that. She has simplified my life, released me from emotional mire, and given me the confidence that my financial feet can remain on solid ground. Her professional care and positive attitude has helped me regain my personal power and given me much hope as I look to my future.  Thank you Carole

E.H.B., Educator

It is very reassuring that Carole knows so much about an area of life that is a virtual unknown for me. I find it very empowering to work with her. No information request is too small and none of my worries too large for her to address with clear and helpful support. She’s not afraid to talk about sensitive financial topics, and she makes it easy to understand them. 

Arthur Lavin, M.D.
Advanced Pediatrics, Ohio

Throughout the process and at every step along the way as co-executor, Ms. Evenchik exhibited only the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and expertise.

This was a complicated estate, and the trust that Ms. Evenchik was able to generate from us based on her reliable work was invaluable. As a result, the execution of the estate occurred completely free of any tension, allowing good memories to dominate.

Not only was Ms. Evenchik trustworthy, reliable, and a great source of information, but her style was easy, collaborative, highly efficient. No time was ever wasted. Full collaboration with our financial and insurance advisors made the process actually quite easy.

And so, I can highly recommend to anyone considering the need to administer an estate to turn to Ms. Carole Evenchik if you want the job well done by someone you would like to trust.

C.G.B., Retired professional and senior with a disability

I’m a senior with a disability. One of the best things I ever did was to enlist Carole’s help. I had so many medical and insurance papers to keep track of — and so many phone calls to make. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I’ve been so impressed with Carole’s professionalism, knowledge and organizational skills and I’ve deeply appreciated her patience. I wonder how I ever managed without her. Now I have such peace of mind and so much more time to do the things I enjoy. I highly recommend Carole’s services.


Robert Friedman, Esq.
Senior Business-Trusts-Estates Attorney
Black McCuskey Sourers & Arbaugh, LPA

Carole’s extensive credentials, vast experience, and personal and professional integrity make her uniquely qualified to serve the daily money management needs of a variety of clients. I am continually impressed by her commitment to finding the best solutions for her clients, and her deep understanding of financial management issues. She brings much to the table.

Registered Investment Advisor, Enrolled Agent & Tax Preparer

I am pleased to recommend Carole’s services to my clients. Her professionalism and background in the financial services area more than meet the needs of seniors and busy people through comprehensive and detailed daily money management.


Diane Lavin

I have always known that Carole is a skilled, trained, thoughtful and thorough professional, but I never had to test that until she stepped in as Co-Executor to handle our Dad’s complicated estate distribution.

Carole cares for people and recognizes that easing tension and facilitating a clear and professional process can support those who are dealing with loss.

Carole coordinated her work with our financial advisors, the lawyers, and the banks so that everyone moved forward with a shared understanding of options and next steps. Working with Carole was focused and efficient, and I knew my best interests were safeguarded.

Carole elicits trust and I know she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill to all of her clients.

Wouldn’t you like to have a life free of money management issues?

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