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EvenChecks & Balances was founded on Carole Evenchik’s philosophy to offer professional, thorough, and accurate financial management and organizational services so her clients can experience greater peace of mind, enjoy their relationships and live their lives more fully free of stress.

Because when the details of life are handled, your life is in your hands.

Here’s how Carole can help bring more joy into your life:

Daily Money Matters
• Monitor actual spending versus budget
• Manage special needs trust funds
• Reconcile checking/savings accounts
• Reconcile credit card statements
• Monitor credit card activity

• Prepare checks for monthly payment
• Prepare bank deposits — Arrange direct deposits
• Systemize bill payment schedules
• Process insurance claims
• Reconcile the myriad of medical bills with statements, 
   Explanation of Benefits, etc.
• Discuss billing questions with creditors and renegotiation options

• Open, review, shred mail
• Mail pick up and process
• References for community services
• Set up appointments
• Notary Public
• Attend meetings as liaison between client & other 
• Attend planning sessions assessing nursing home,
   assisted living, home-based care

Other Matters
• Prepare correspondence
• Personal purchases
• Residence visits during vacation/travel  
• Personal visits

Financial Organization
• Provide budget planning and analysis
• Gather data and provide completed checklist summary
• Consolidate materials for tax return preparation
• Help develop financial habits consistent with your style and
   feelings about money
• Create plans for future financial matters consistent with goals
• Offer debt reduction analysis

Estate Matters
• Develop client inventory of assets to reflect owner, TOD/POD,
   beneficiary designations, cost basis, value, location of 
   important papers-keys-etc.
• Assist attorneys with estate inventory and administration. 
   Coordinate with in-house staff
• Serve as Financial Attorney in Fact aka Power of Attorney
• Serve as Personal Representative or Co-Personal Rep.

The Process

Call Carole Evenchik, ChFC®
Fiduciary & Chartered Financial Consultant
O/ 651.308.8555

EvenChecks & Balances LLC

EvenChecks & Balances
Daily Money Matters & Financial Organization 

Como Station, P.O. Box 8087, St Paul, MN  55108-0087
C:  651.308.8555  
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