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A Special Gift to Yourself – The Gift of Self-Worth A weekly Life Slice for creating a life of celebration & purpose.

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The holidays can be stressful and exhausting as we juggle overwhelmingly hectic schedules, fret about the details of what to wear and what to bring to the holiday parties, search for those hard-to-find gifts, and push ourselves to try to cross everything off our ever growing to-do lists. Our intentions are good, but sometimes the holiday stresses bring out the worst of behaviors, not only in our children, but in ourselves.

So why not give yourself a tremendous gift this season—the gift of self-worth? No, this is not a financial endeavor nor an ego inflating exercise. It is a simple practice that requires only three minutes each day to help you value yourself as a whole being, and to help you seize little opportunities so that you can grow more fully into the person you aspire to be. It may even help you find a sense of calm and purpose as you reflect over the past year and count your many blessings.

Here are the simple instructions for your self-worth gift that can be completed anytime, anywhere in three minutes or less:

  1. Agree to a time each day or select a random time when you have just a few minutes to yourself. Perhaps it is when you are driving to work in the morning or getting ready for bed in the evening.
  2. Identify just one thing that occurred in the last 24 hours that made you feel upset, frustrated, angry, unhappy, selfish, impatient, or any other feelings that made you feel less about yourself.
  3. Rather than think of this “thing” as a big issue or a need for change, consider it to be an invitation for growth and for raising your self-worth.
  4. Now identify one easy way you could have lessened the negatives or handled the situation differently. For example, could you have taken three deep breaths before reacting, put yourself in someone else’s shoes before judging, given yourself some slack when there is too much on your shoulders, took a walk instead of snacking on the couch, or offered a smile or a hug instead of a sharp response?
  5. Recognize that no one is perfect and that your self-worth is shaped by how you choose to live and grow more fully into yourself each day. Now feel some of the tensions and frustrations melt away. Enjoy your moment and value yourself for seizing this invitation. Then repeat these instructions again tomorrow as you recognize we are all a person-in-progress.

I know this sounds overly simple, but by investing only three minutes a day in yourself, you will find your self-worth will increase exponentially with each reflection. Imagine how much you will have grown and how many blessings you will have received by this time next year!

Happy holidays to yourself from yourself – enjoy!


Self-Worth represents the Life Slice card featured this week. The deck of 52 beautiful cards can inspire you and your loved ones to live a life of celebration and purpose. Or share them with a friend as a meaningful gift from your heart. And if you found this Life Slice feature helpful, sign up for our blog posts and you’ll receive a weekly Life Slice in your email, available whenever you are ready to explore new ways to live your life with intention.

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