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Simplify your life and bring order to the time-consuming demands of day-to-day money matters and financial organization.

Are you a senior with too many insurance forms to complete? Are you unsure of which medical payments are owed versus those paid, or are your bank statements and bills piling up and not yet reconciled and paid?  Do you have your "what I own, who is beneficiary, where papers and items are located, cost basis, etc." up-to-date?

Are you a busy professional, wondering how to "keep to that budget" and uncover discretionary money? Do you lack the time or desire to check your bank accounts online or follow up on that particular credit card charge you received, let alone reconcile charges to receipts to avoid fraudulent use?  Are you juggling your own financial household AND perhaps your adult parents or loved one with special needs?

Are you a member of a non-traditional couple or household, struggling to navigate how best to manage "your", "mine", and "our" funds?  Wanting help navigating within and around today's political realities and their impact on you? 

Free yourself to enjoy life, unencumbered by stacks of unfiled paperwork, unbalanced checkbooks, unpaid bills and unending financial organizational burdens that cause stress for your mind, your body, your family, and your quality of life.

Put your financial affairs in order, your paperwork in its place, and your books in balance, once and for all.

Call Carole Evenchik, ChFC®
Fudiciary & Chartered Financial Consultant
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EvenChecks & Balances LLC
St. Paul, Minnesota

EvenChecks & Balances
Daily Money Matters & Financial Organization 

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